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Sewer Repair and Cleaning:

How often should sewer lines be cleaned?

It depends on your local codes and regulations, but an annual cleaning is recommended.

How much does it cost to repair a sewer line?

The cost to repair a broken sewer line will vary greatly by the location, depth, and extent of the sewer line damage, as well as the repair method.

Is hydro jetting better than snaking?

Hydro jetting is better than snaking because it can clean out pipes faster and easier than snaking. It is a more efficient option, using high-pressure water to push corrosive sludge through the pipes.

How long do sewer lines last?

The life of a sewer pipe depends on the underlying soil conditions and the flow of the pipe

Why does my sewer back up when it rains?

Sewer back up can occur when the sewer line is clogged by things like grease or tree roots, and the level of water is higher than the sewer line. This can cause the sewer line to back up through the drain, which can cause is flood.

Hot Water Tank Installation and Repair:

How much is the labor cost to install a hot water heater?

The average cost to install a hot water heater fluctuates on several factors : the cost of the unit itself, the size of the unit and whether or not the unit is electric or gas fueled.

What water heaters do plumbers recommend?

Plumbers recommend tank water heaters. They are durable, easy to install, and energy efficient.

What are the signs of a hot water heater going bad?

The signs of a hot water heater going bad are- Low water pressure, Temperature gauge that goes above normal, Rusty or discolored water, Pooling of water around hot water heater, Unusual sounds, Leaking water.

What is the most common problem with water heaters?

Leaking, Corrosion, Broken pilot light are the most common problems with water heaters.

How long should a hot water tank last?

A hot water tank should last anywhere between 8-12 years on average.

Tankless Heater Installation:

How much does it cost to install a tankless water system?

Tankless water systems cost a bit more than conventional water system. A tankless water system installation depends on the size of the house and the system.

Do tankless water heaters have to be installed outside?

Tankless water systems can be installed outside to ensure extensive ventilation.

Are tankless water heaters worth it?

Tankless water heaters are an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to those that have a storage tank. Since hot water is constantly being used, tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters.

How do I protect my outside tankless water heater?

Outside tankless water heaters are more susceptible to the elements and should ideally be placed in a protected area. You can make sure that the area is free of debris that could fall on your water heater and cause a leak. You can also install a temperature controlled switch.

Can you install a tankless water heater anywhere?

You can install a tankless water heater anywhere as long as there is no interference with other utilities, a gas line and a good power supply.

Gas Line Repair:

How much does it cost to repair a gas line?

The cost to repair a gas line will vary depending on the cause of the leak and the materials that are needed to repair it.

Do plumbers fix gas line?

Yes, a plumber can fix a gas line as long as they understand how to safely deal with gas lines.

How do I know if my gas line is leaking?

To check for a gas leak in your house, look for signs such as a blowing or a hissing noise, odor or smoke. If you smell natural gas or hear a hissing noise of a gas leak, do not turn on or off any electrical appliance and leave the area immediately.

How long does it take to repair a gas line?

Gas lines can take 1-3 days to repair, depending on if it’s a copper or a plastic line, and if it’s a low pressure to high pressure repair.

How long does residential gas lines last?

The amount of tie a gas line lasts depends on how well it is cared for. In the majority of the cases, gas lines can last between 30-50 years.

Drain Repair:

How much does it cost to replace a drain?

The average price to replace a drain ranges from $521 to $1,369. It depends on factors like the size of the leak, the age of the structure, the amount of water damage, if it is old or new etc.

How do you know if your main drain is clogged?

The best way to know whether your main drain is clogged by using a hand held camera and looking into the drain. If there is a clog, the camera will show the clogs outline.

Are collapsed drains covered by house insurance?

No, collapsed drains are considered a structural defect by insurance companies.

Will coke help unclog drains?

Coke is a product that should only be used to unclog a clogged drain. It is not a means o clearing a stoppage in the drains or as an alternative to plumbing tools.

What causes a drain to collapse?

The main cause of collapse is usually a build up of grease, or clogs within the pipes.

Drain Cleaning:

How much does it cost to have your pipes cleaned?

The cost of having your pipes cleaned depends on the size of your plumbing. If you have an individual drain, the cost is between $50-$100. If you have a main drain, the cost ios between $100-$150.

Do drains need to be cleaned?

To prevent damage to the pipes, the drain has to be cleaned.

How often should a main drain be cleaned?

To prevent problems, your main drain should be cleaned atleast once every three months.

What do plumbers use to unclog pipes?

Plumbers use a plumbing snake to unclog pipes. The snake is inserted into the pipe and comes out with the clog.

How do I keep my drains clean?

To keep your drains clean, you can pour some bleach down the sink and then wait 20 minutes to let the bleach wash away any gunk that might have built up. For stubborn clogs, you can pour a few drops of vinegar down the drain and wait a few minutes.

Faucet and Leak Repair:

How much does it cost to fix a leaky faucet?

The cost of a leaky faucet depends on a number of factors, including the area of the leak and the number of times it has happened.

Who fixes leaky faucet?

A plumber can fix a leaky faucet. Leaky faucets can cause water damage to your home.

Is a leaky faucet dangerous?

Leaky faucets can be dangerous if the water damage is nt addressed quickly. Leaky faucets can cause rot in your mold, floor and wet drywall.

How do I stop a dripping tap?

To stop a dripping tap, turn off the water supply. You can use a wrench to turn the tap off. You can then inscrew the tap from the pipe. Push a bushing onto the pipe and screw the tap back in. You can then turn the water supply back on and tighten the tap so that it doesn’t drip.

Why is my sink leaking?

Leaking sinks can be caused by a number of problems, including the sink, the faucet or the drain.

Remodeling Plumbing Service:

What does a typical bathroom remodel cost?

Most bathrooms remodeled cost between $5,000-$10,000. Additional costs may be added for more complex designs.

Can I renovate the bathroom myself?

Yes, you can renovate the bathroom yourself as it is one of the easiest rooms to renovate as you can use existing space to add cabinets and accessories.

What should you not do when remodeling a bathroom?

You should not cover the floor drain in the bathroom with materials such as plastic, wood, or other materials as these can trap moisture beneath the covering.

What should I ask a contractor when remodeling a bathroom?

When remodeling your bathroom, you should ask your contractor if they have a permit, all the proper licenses, references and pictures of their work.

What color to paint your small bathroom to make it look bigger?

If you are looking to make the small bathroom feel bigger, you should consider painting the walls a light color such as- white or light blue.

Plumbing Service:

What are the types of plumbing services?

There are different types of plumbing services that can help you maintain your plumbing systems and appliances such as, drain cleaning and repair, remodeling services, replace or repair leaky faucets etc.

What plumbing can I do myself?

You can do some basic plumbing yourself by repairing or replacing a faucet, fixing a leaky toilet, and installing a garbage disposal.

What are the three main plumbing functions?

They are used for storing, transporting and removing water and they can also be used to dispose of wastewater and sewage.

How do you know if your main line is clogged?

You can listen for gurgling sounds. Or you can run the water to flush down the line. You can also tighten the main line.

What are the three main types of plumbing systems?

There are three main types of plumbing systems like, Gravity flow system, Pressure flow system, Pressure relieved system.

Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement:

How much does it cost to install a new garbage disposal?

It can cost anywhere between $200-$400 to install a garbage disposal.

Does a plumber or electrician install a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are plumbing fixtures, so plumbers can install them.

How long does garbage disposal last?

Garbage disposals can last between 8-10 years if handled properly. It can start to have problems if food is put in the drain while it is still hot.

How do you know if you need a new garbage disposal?

If the garbage disposal is slow or makes an odd noise, or if it runs but no water comes out, it may be time to replace it.

Is a garbage disposal worth it?

A garbage disposal is a great asset to your kitchen as it will keep all of your food waste from entering your sewage system.

Water Filtration:

How much does it cost to install a whole house water filtration system?

Whole house water filtration systems can range anywhere between $1,500-$2,000. Water filtration systems are available in a wide range of different price points and models, depending on your water quality needs and budget.

Is filtering water worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it if you want your water to be healthier for you.

How much does a water filtration system cost?

Filtration systems protect your pipes from damage by removing unwanted chemicals, sediment. Water filtration systems typically cost $1,000-$4,000.

Which is better, bottled water or filtered water?

Water from a tap is recommended over bottled water. Your filter should be replaced every three months to keep your drinking water clean and safe.

Which is the healthiest water filtration system?

The healthiest water filtration system is a reverse osmosis system. It removes most of the contaminants for a healthier choice of water.

Sewer Camera Inspection:

How much does it cost to camera a sewer line?

The cost of camera a sewer line will depend on the length of sewer line in question. Sewer camera inspection generally ranges between $450-$800.

What does a plumbing inspector look for?

A plumbing inspector inspects the plumbing installations and fixtures. They look for potential danger, ensure sewage and drainage lines are in proper working condition and check the water system for leaks.

How do you test a camera with a sewer line?

You can test the camera by attaching it to the end of the sewer line to ensure the line is clear and to check for obstructions.

What are the signs of a broken sewer pipe?

Signs of a broken sewer pipe include water pooling in the basement or under the floors, bad odor, mold problem, slow drain etc.

How often should a sewer line be cleaned?

A sewer line should be cleaned every ten to twelve months to avoid build up of harmful particles.

Water Line Repair:

What to do if your main water line is leaking?

Call for a plumber service to report the leak. Try to determine the source of the leak by listening for the water or shutting off the water supply of the house. Addressing leaks as quickly as possible can prevent damage to your house.

How much does it cost to fix pipes?

To replace and repair a broken pipe, it will cost you anywhere between $200-$400.

How do you know if your main water line is leaking?

If your main water line is leaking, you will most likely notice water appearing in the basement, hissing noises, discolored water. .

How much does it cost to fix a broken water pipe outside?

Most plumbing services charge between $100-$300 to fix a broken water pipe outside of your home.

Does homeowners insurance cover exterior water line?

Yes, homeowners insurance does provide coverage for exterior water line, as long as the line is considered part of your home.

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